Optimize engagement with your field engineers & contractors

A manufacturer works with multiple engineers in the field. In many cases, they are contractors or externals that are working for other companies which complicates communication because they are not part of the same IT infrastructure. When the engineers need assistance, they reach out using any communication channel they prefer, making it unnecessarily complex for the manufacturer to effectively manage the projects. To solve this challenge, the manufacture looked for a solution that could streamline all external communication into Microsoft Teams while automatically updating their ERP/ CRM system with the relevant data. Their goal was better support, decisions based on actual data, and faster problem resolution.


Because the manufacture works with different suppliers, installation companies and (sub) contractors, it’s highly unlikely that all parties will be using the same communication platform. These third-party companies will choose the communication channel they prefer, resulting in:

  • Complex IT infrastructure
  • High risk of losing essential data
  • Unnecessary delays
  • Longer projects

Ignoring these communication challenges can have a negative result on your service levels and an undesirable impact on your business.



ROGER365.io specializes in the integration of communication channels like webchat and WhatsApp into Microsoft Teams. This integration allows the manufacturer to have a single communication hub independent of how they are contacted while also ensuring that their ERP application and ticketing system always has the latest information at their fingertips. Not only does this simplify the IT infrastructure but also the automated data collection provides a much better overview of the projects, resulting in:

  • Always up to date project data
  • Single communication client
  • Power BI dashboard
  • Reduction of compliance risk
  • Decreased IT costs

With the ROGER365.io “meet now” functionality, the manufacturer can setup a Microsoft Teams meeting (including video) with the field engineers and connect them with the internal operators at any time, allowing for clear, concise, and logged communications.

Next steps

ROGER365.io is a very flexible SaaS solution that offers cross-platform features that give organizations even more options. For example, the manufacturer is now looking to increase their productivity by implementing QnA chatbot technology to do triage on the type of issue and product before routing the question to a specific support team.