Smart communication between office and field staff

Webchat and other communication channels

The platform supports many different communications channels, also known as touchpoints. WhatsApp, webchat, voice, or social media channels like Facebook and Twitter, are all available, allowing your customers and partners to communicate with you in whatever way they find most convenient or appropriate for a given situation. 

WhatsApp for Teams

The integration of WhatsApp and Microsoft Teams enhances your communications by allowing interactions to be easily shared and routed to the most appropriate agent or group. Your customers can use their smartphone to send messages, photos, and videos directly to your technical staff in real time, avoiding the delays, file limitations, and potential security concerns of email.

Always available

Automated services allow you to provide meaningful and instantaneous customer support regardless of staffing hours, holidays, or time zones. These best-of-class “chatbots” provide a natural language frontend to your existing FAQ database which is fast, convenient, feels personal, and delivers only relevant answers.

Form text to video contact

Sometimes a support situation is hard to explain via text and voice or video would be more appropriate and efficient. The “Meet now!” functionality enables direct voice/video conferencing between your customer and your service agent. No additional software is required on the customer side to establish a connection.