360° Customer View

TOPdesk integration gives you a detailed overview of the customer that you are communicating with based on the information available in your TOPdesk system. This allows the agent to avoid repeating the same questions, improving resolution times, and boosting overall customer confidence and satisfaction.

WhatsApp with TOPdesk

ROGER365.io integrates multiple touchpoints – voice, webchat, Twitter, and more – into a single communications hub. One of the most important and powerful of these combinations is the integration of WhatsApp, TOPdesk, and Microsoft Teams. Empowering your service agents and sales teams with these touchpoints in a seamless, centralized environment ensures that they have the tools they need to succeed and to thrive.

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Telephony platforms integration

By integrating TOPdesk with Microsoft Teams Calling, your employees work more efficiently and your organization is perceived as more customer-friendly and personal. During an incoming call or chat, customer data such as incidents are readily available with the Microsoft Teams integration. Clients and contacts can be found and called directly from within TOPdesk.

Improve Service Delivery

TOPdesk has been helping organizations improve their service delivery and create an environment where their employees can thrive. TOPdesk is doing this with user-friendly, easy to integrate products that encourage collaboration.  

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Webchat integration into Self Service Portal

Making it easy to respond and provide the best service ever! Add the ROGER365.io webchat into the TOPdesk Self Service portal and allow your personnel to chat with an TOPdesk operator right away. At the moment the webchat starts your operators get all the required information, like open incidents or cases directly into their Microsoft Teams client. 

Creating incidents via Microsoft Teams

Within Microsoft Teams operators can create a new or investigate existing incidents when someone is chatting them via the TOPdesk Self Service Portal. The user is already identified making it is easy to find out what incident they are referring to or creating a ticket into TOPdesk including the complete chat history with one click!

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TOPdesk native chat integration

Assist your callers native from the TOPdesk Self Service Portal with the webchat integration. Chat conversations are routed to Microsoft Teams where caller information and open incidents are instant available. Watch the video to see the available scenarios.