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First line workers

In today’s world, first line workers are more important than ever before. The quality of their work reflects directly on how your organization is perceived by your customers and partners. Providing your customer-facing agents with the tools that they need to succeed is always a top priority. How? By using you integrate all your communication into Microsoft Teams making it the core communication client within your business.

Microsoft Teams with

All your communication within Microsoft Teams Social Messaging supports first line workers by seamlessly integrating Microsoft Teams with external messaging systems to centralize and homogenize all your communications. Whether it’s a web-based chatbot, mobile text message, WhatsApp, or through social media such as Twitter and Facebook, all interactions are qualified, logged, and managed through the familiar Microsoft Teams interface.

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Efficiency in

Efficiency Social Messaging also communicates with your CRM system to access customer data, such as purchase history, and make that information immediately available within Microsoft Teams. Chatbots powered by the latest artificial intelligence technology can be used to augment your customer service department 24/7/365, trigger workflows in your Line of Business (LOB) application or perform repeatable tasks (Robotic Process Automation, RPA).

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Fast adoption and simple to manage

The seamless integration avoids the need to install and maintain additional software. Users keep on using the familiar Microsoft Teams client. Integration with Microsoft Office 365 user & security management dramatically reduces administration, and your users can get up to speed quickly.

Extend and customize

With the Microsoft Power Platform Integration and available platform API’s your organization can integrate all your business workflows and processes. Simplifying the IT landscape and making sure no information is lost. Looking for a solution that is more than just the integration of your communication channels? You might want to look at our contact center!

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