Consolidate all communications

Customers and business reach out to you via new digital channels. Many of the modern workspace projects are successfully deployed but do not incorporate all these external communications channels like WhatsApp, webchat and voice. Not centralizing these channels within Microsoft Teams result in an IT & compliance nightmare. With you seamless integrate external digital channel making Microsoft Teams the core communication client within your business.

Know your Customer instantly gives your agents a detailed overview of the customer that they’re working with by parsing the information available in your systems. You do not only know the current status of a customer but also the journey that they’ve taken, allowing you to avoid repetitive questions and minimize call times while providing efficient, quality service.

Limit operational and compliance risk seamless integration with the Microsoft 365 infrastructure ensures that your organization maintains compliance at all levels. There is no additional user management or application to be managed and maintained making sure that the already configured role-based access to data ensures need-to-know security and supports GDPR compliance strategy.

Increase Productivity

Add the chatbot technology for handling most of the first line questions or assist your customers before connecting them to a live agent. Use artificial intelligence technology to augment your customer service department 24/7/365, trigger workflows in your Line of Business (LOB) application or perform repeatable tasks (Robotic Process Automation, RPA) using the No-code/ Low-code solutions like Microsoft Power Automate or other solutions.

Customer Insights

The detailed reporting functions and integration with the Microsoft Power Platform available with allow your organization to identify both positive and negative trends and respond proactively to upsell opportunities or mitigate potential problems. Insights gleaned from chatbot interactions and website queries can help you identify areas where you need to strengthen your message or promote your services.