For recruitment companies, it is key to attract the right candidates and engage with them in a professional matter. Recruiting candidates must be discreet and keeping them informed is essential. Voice calls are the de facto standard way of communicating, but your candidates are not always able to pick up the phone. It is much better to contact them via WhatsApp or SMS (mobile text). The integration of these communication channels into your business processes can significantly improve the engagement that you have with your candidates.


To increase job orders and reduce the “time-to-fill”, this recruitment company used a couple of different applications to maintain engagement with the candidates. There were multiple applications that were not integrated into the staffing software. The results:

  • Slow responses
  • High risk of losing important information
  • No central location where data about the candidates is stored and maintained
  • High IT costs

Solution integrates these communication channels into Microsoft Teams and into your staffing software, providing your team with the capabilities to reach out to candidates in a fast and secure way.

By deploying, the recruitment company was able to integrate the required communication channels into Microsoft Teams, making it the only communication hub within the organization. Centralized storage and updating of the staffing software was achieved through the integration of This resulted in:

  • Single communication client.
  • Fast and simple engagement with candidates.
  • All data in a single place (staffing software)
  • Reduction of compliance risk
  • Decreased IT cost

By integrating the staffing software directly with, the company was also able to inform several candidates at the same time when there is a job opportunity requiring multiple people to apply.

Next steps is a very flexible SaaS platform that offers more features giving the recruitment company even more options. For example, they are now looking to increase their productivity by using QnA chatbot technology and connecting with their customers and candidates via other communication channels such as Facebook and webchat.

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