SMS and Microsoft Teams

The platform integrates text messages in Microsoft Teams, so all interactions are qualified, logged, and managed through the familiar Microsoft Teams interface. This makes it a very convenient platform, for both the customer and your first line workers. 

CRM integration with

Efficiency also communicates with your CRM system to access customer data, such as purchase history, and make that information immediately available within Microsoft Teams. Chatbots powered by the latest artificial intelligence technology can be used to augment your customer service department 24/7/365, trigger workflows in your Line of Business (LOB) application or perform repeatable tasks (Robotic Process Automation, RPA). 

The Tools to Succeed

Centralized communications are the key to outstanding customer interaction. makes communication with your customers easy by providing automation to sort, prioritize, and quickly respond to SMS/text messages directly from your Microsoft Teams client.

Tag co-workers

The integration of your SMS with Microsoft Teams makes it possible to work with more colleagues at the same time on the same case. With the option to tag each other and assign conversations to an agent, there will be no confusion about whether the conversation is already picked up and who is handling the conversation. 

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