Clear Overview for receptionists

The attendant console provides real-time presence information, allowing receptionists to see the availability and status of their colleagues, search for people using keywords, and use customized notes to determine who is most apt to receive a call at that moment. From your Teams interface you have full control and overview to help customers best. 



Blind transfer

Receptionists can easily route calls to the appropriate departments or individuals using the attendant console. They can transfer calls to colleagues, initiate conference calls, or park calls for pickup by other team members.



Consultative transfer

With a consult transfer, you have the ability to connect with another person before transferring a call. With the blind transfer feature you can directly transfer a call to a colleague and with the ‘Safe Transfer’ option you are still able to retrieve the call if it isn’t answered . Whether you want to transfer the call or simply consult with your colleagues, this functionality enables effective teamwork.  



Callback requests and notes

The Attendant Console interface makes transferring incoming calls to colleagues quick work. It provides receptionists or attendants with real-time insights in the Teams status and Outlook Calendar of their colleagues. So when unavailable, the attendant can easily send a callback request. With CRM integration, the callers name and company is displayed making handling calls super easy.

Full integration with Outlook Calendar and CRM

The Attendant Console seamlessly integrates with the Contact Center platform, allowing receptionists to utilize enterprise resources like CRMs and other data sources. With Outlook Calendar integration, they can manage schedules and appointments directly within the interface, streamlining workflows and accessing information without switching applications.



API Library

ROGER365’s attendant console offers almost limitless possibilities for integrating it with complex business processes and customizing this feature to perfectly match each specific business and its needs.

"Customer response is now faster and more efficient than ever because there’s no need to switch between different communication channels."

Jeroen Engelen
CEO Laspartners Multiweld

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