Integration into Microsoft Teams

With the seamless integration in Microsoft Teams centralizes the communication into one single client. Agents only use their familiar Microsoft Teams interface to answer chats making it easy and accessible for your everybody in your organization.

Only escalate when needed

With the integration of a smart chatbot 80% of the first asked questions customers ask can be handled without human intervention. These questions can be handled without an agent being disturbed during more complicated work. This chatbot provides a fast reaction, something that your agents can’t always provide, preventing customers of walking away without having their question answered.

Tag co-workers

The integration of your webchat with Microsoft Teams makes it possible to work with more colleagues at the same time on the same case. With the option to tag each other and assign conversations to an agent, there will be no confusion about whether the conversation is already picked up and who is handling the conversation.

Watch the video

Live webchat allows you to give quick answers to questionsabout your products, solve problems faster, and assure your customers that you're there when they need you. Watch the video and see how this integration works!