Many organizations utilize Microsoft Teams for messaging, video conferences, and voice calls. Additional communication considerations should be made for students, parents, and educators to communicate through other applications based on current location, devices and applications available, and convenience of time.

Voice communication continues to be important in certain situations. However, many age groups and individuals prefer the convenience of applications such as WhatsApp, SMS, Facebook Messenger, and other webchat and messaging platforms.

The effective exchange of information while maintaining confidentiality between students, parents, and educators can be challenging when using many different means of communication. It can also be difficult to organize communications to and from students and parents in different applications. There is a need to centralize these disparate communication channels effectively while maintaining accountability.

Considerations for centralized communication:

Student orientation

Academic advisers can service students and parents more efficiently by responding to questions asynchronously. Smart FAQ chatbots can also be deployed to handle the most common questions and redirect communications where appropriate.

Application & onboarding

You can provide Microsoft forms to students and parents for the secure collection of the personal and financial data required during an application.


Schools can use texting and messaging applications to inform students or parents of schedules and calendar changes, invite students or parents to events, or alert students, parents, and staff of time-critical or emergency situations.

Solution integrates WhatsApp, SMS, webchat, voice, and other communication channels into Microsoft Teams. With the integration of CRM and APIs, the communication is not handled as a separate silo anymore and becomes part of your defined work processes.


By deploying, universities/schools are able to integrate the required communication channels into Microsoft Teams, making it the only communication hub required within the organization.

Seamless integration with existing workflows allows the university/school to keep their administrative processes in place without adding complexity. Getting better insights into all of their communication, with detailed logging, also helps to ensure a high level of professionalism.