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Integration WhatsApp for Business in Microsoft Teams

Whatsapp into Microsoft Teams

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WhatsApp for Business and Microsoft Teams
WhatsApp is a cross-platform messaging system that is simple, fast, secure, and used by millions of people around the world – including your customers.

One way to improve customer satisfaction is to make it as easy as possible for your customers to communicate with you. Traditional touchpoints such as phone and email are not always the most efficient, and a growing number of customers prefer to use social media interfaces such as WhatsApp. But how do you ensure that these incoming messages are answered quickly and by the right person?

ROGER365.io has the answer. By integrating the official WhatsApp for Business solution into Microsoft Teams, you get a number that your customers can use for WhatsApp messaging. This can even be your existing business phone number. The incoming messages are delivered to a channel within Microsoft Teams, accessible and assignable to any channel member. This allows your agents to respond quickly to messages, regardless of their location.

Just the Beginning

The integration of Microsoft Teams and WhatsApp is just the beginning. The ROGER365.io solution can also communicate with your ticket or CRM system to access customer data, such as purchase history, and make that information immediately available within Microsoft Teams. Chatbots powered by the latest artificial intelligence technology can be used to augment your customer service department 24/7/365, with escalation rules to ensure that every contact is handled appropriately.


The Tools to Succeed
Centralized communications are the key to outstanding customer service. ROGER365.io makes interactions with your customers easy by providing automation to sort, prioritize, and quickly respond to messages directly from your Microsoft Teams client. Logging and tracking of all conversations, documents, and even photos is automatic, giving your agents the tools that they need to succeed.


More information
Check our our documentation page for more information or see the video above.