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Your omni-channel contact center for agents, supervisors, and managers

Are you currently using or considering Microsoft Teams for your company communication? Set up your professional Contact Center for your support or sales team with Add instant functionalities like call queues, call distribution, Teams calling Agent, and reporting that you simply cannot do without.

All you need is Microsoft Teams Calling.
We do the rest.

Microsoft Teams Calling supports customer interaction via voice capabilities. For businesses that want to integrate tools and workflows to drive the customer journey, the Contact Center is a great addition to their workflow. It adds functionalities such as calling agents, supervisor and reporting, all seamlessly integrated into Microsoft Teams.

Teams Calling is all you need

If you have your corporate communication set up with Teams Calling, ROGER365 will instantly add all your data sources and make it the omnichannel communication hub for your organization. Have all your customer information real-time available, right there in Microsoft Teams.

Add instant features 

Add functionalities such as calling agents, supervisor and reporting, all seamlessly integrated into Microsoft Teams. Auto Attendant & Queueing, Agent, Supervisor & reporting, CRM integration, Graphical Callflow Designer, Native Teams App, API’s & Powerframe.

Microsoft Teams as omni channel platform

Streamline your digital workplace, use Microsoft Teams as a Platform, and make Teams the central communication hub in your organization. Connect your CRM and integrate Whatsapp, Live chat, Twitter, and SMS.

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All the features you need

In order to really support your customers in the best way possible, Teams calling just doesn’t offer you what you need. Integrate ROGER365 and automatically add all these features to your Teams Calling interface.


Fixed price for subscription and per queue

  • Native Microsoft Teams integrated 
  • Azure AD Sign in
  • Interactive Voice Response
  • Automated Attendant
  • Graphical Callflow Editor
  • Queuing
  • Multiple routing methods 
  • Neural Text to Speech 
  • Music on Hold 
  • CRM Integration
  • Schedule based routing

CRM Integration (extra cost)

  • Custom API (included)
  • Exact Online
  • Hubspot
  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • Salesforce
  • TOPdesk
  • Zoho


  • Availability & reason codes
  • Multiple queue login
  • Wrap up time 
  • Live queue insight & statistics 
  • CRM Integration


  • Queue summary, details & heatmap
  • Agent summary, details & availability log

Fixed price for subscription and per queue

All features from Basic +

  • Power Platform Integration 
  • Webhooks


  • Powerframe for custom apps


  • API Reporting


  • Live queue & Agent statistics 
  • Live calls overview
  • Agent Status Overview & Override
  • Monitor & Join

Fixed price for subscription and per queue

All features from Business +


  • 10 queues included

Questions that we answer for you

How many people are currently queuing?
Who has received how many phone calls last month?
Are my colleagues available for transferring?

Easy to use

We stand out of the crowd with our modern interface designed for a smooth experience.

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Best support for your customers

Integrate all the info you need to support your customers best.

Customer response is now faster and more efficient than ever because there’s no need to switch between different communication channels."

Jeroen Engelen
CEO Laspartners Multiweld

Teams Calling for your Contact Center? 5 considerations

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