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Customer Case

Customer case: Oak Innovation

In the beginning of 2023, we announced the exciting partnership between and Oak Innovation.By integrating with Oak’s ClarifyGo solution, businesses can benefit from a Microsoft Certified contact center solution with an integrated, compliant call recording facility. Because Oak Innovation’s ClarifyGo solution is also Microsoft Certified, companies can benefit from the highest level of standards and security throughout, contained within a versatile and scalable CCaaS solution.

Recording PSTN voice calls not enough

Many businesses assume that recording incoming PSTN voice calls is enough. However, in today’s omnichannel world, contact center solutions must capture interactions from every possible channel. The integration of ClarifyGo into’s omnichannel contact center solution makes it easier than ever for businesses to record and manage interactions from every channel.

Why call recording is more important than ever

Call recording has many business purposes; it can improve safety and, in many cases, it’s a regulatory requirement that must be addressed. Companies in certain industries, such as financial services or those trading in financial instruments (including insurance) are legally required by the Dodd-Frank (US) and the MiFID II (EU) regulations to record interactions with the customer.

Advanced call recording solutions like ClarifyGo are essential for companies that must meet these requirements. For example, to comply with HIPAA and GDPR requirements, recorded data must be secure (access controlled and logged) and customers must be able to exercise their right to give permission for recordings and delete them when requested.

For any company taking a card payment over the phone, they must also meet the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), which means that secure card data must not be stored during a recorded phone call. The need for capable and professional call-recording solutions has become increasingly desperate, so it’s good news for many medium-sized and growing enterprises that an appropriate solution is now within their reach.

Unique solution

Chloe Emm from Oak Innovation said: “By using ClarifyGo as an integrated part of’s omnichannel CCaaS solution, companies can take advantage of a unique solution on the market. It’s not just a contact center integration, it’s a fully compliant process using entirely Microsoft Certified infrastructure from start to finish.”

When do businesses need to record calls and other interactions?

With all data becoming more connected and interconnected, a voice call is never just a voice call anymore. Omnichannel interactions mean that conversations can move seamlessly across multiple channels, starting with a voice call, then moving to email, SMS or WhatsApp. Today, it’s just as important to record interactions for every channel, and to track the flow of data to see what was said or shared, when, and with whom.

Microsoft identifies 4 categories of call recording situations:

  1. Lawful intercept – Legal silent surveillance conducted by law enforcement agencies.
  2. Convenience recording – Recording of calls or meetings, so it’s easier to refer to later.
  3. Functional recording – Automated recording for productivity (e.g.: transcription)
  4. Organizational recording – Administrative recording for risk management and compliance.

For most businesses, call recording is done for functional and organizational reasons. There can be many motivations for this; while legal compliance dictates certain standards, this is just the tip of the iceberg for situations where call recording is needed or useful.

Reasons companies should record calls include:

  • Detect and reduce fraud
  • Employee safety and dispute resolution
  • Identify areas where training is needed
  • Evaluate customer satisfaction
  • Reduce liability and risk with a record of what was said, when, and by whom
  • Quality control; to assess how individual agents are improving over time
  • Use for training purposes in the future, with example situations for analysis

While many companies perceive PSTN calls as being equivalent to ‘line side’ recording, this is not the case. This approach misses out on internal calls, and Teams calls or meetings are entirely excluded from ‘regular’ PSTN voice recording. 

What other call recording options are there?

Companies with Teams-based Contact Centers often struggle to find a call recording solution that truly meets their needs. Oak Innovation stands out as a leader in the industry by offering a Microsoft Certified, compliant solution for Teams: ClarifyGo. There are very few alternative Microsoft Certified call recording solutions available, and businesses often must implement a Teams integration themselves using the Teams Graph API.

Even when this is done, there is still the rest of their contact center functionality to consider.

Most solutions on the market either offer too little, or far too much. Solutions that record incoming PSTN calls may be able to meet the requirements for legal compliance, but they miss out on the other benefits of call recording by failing to capture VoIP and internal calls. On the other hand, more comprehensive CCaaS offerings can be prohibitively complex, inflexible, lack features needed for compliance, or fail to provide a truly Teams-native experience.

Oak Innovation’s ClarifyGo includes speech analytics and hybrid recording capabilities, which are either hard to find or come with a prohibitively expensive package that offers features that many businesses have no real need for. By combining the specialist capabilities of ClarifyGo with an agile Teams-based Contact Center, and Oak Innovation have created a truly unique and compelling offer in the professional communications space.

Who are Oak Innovation?

Oak Innovation has been an established market leader in Telephonics innovation for more than 35 years. From their position in the professional communications market, Oak has been able to sense the shifting needs of Contact Centers in the 21st century, and responded with a powerful call-recording solution. Their feature-packed product is backed by an excellent industry reputation, a dynamic workforce and the support of partners around the world.

Oak’s ClarifyGo solution has been available on the Azure Marketplace for some time already as a standalone integration for Microsoft Teams. However, by joining forces with, both companies can now offer a superior product for growing businesses. Thanks to the expanded network of partners, this unique solution is now available around the globe.

“For the first time, businesses can benefit from a compliant and Microsoft Certified call recording solution that’s also fully integrated into a powerful, Microsoft Certified contact center solution for Teams. Companies benefit from the full range of features, and customers benefit from superior contact center experiences.”

- Chloe Emm, Oak Innovation

How customers benefit from integration

Aside from being the first available solution to boast a Microsoft Certified call-recording solution, combined with a Microsoft Certified CCaaS for Teams, businesses using this package gain distinct values and benefits that other solutions cannot.


For companies worried about data storage, they now have a compliant and secure solution that can extend to meet their needs. The cloud-based solution offers indefinite storage paired with predictable costs that enable flexible scaling of operations.

One platform

Fully integrated into the platform, so companies don’t need a separate Teams Graph API integration, and everything is within Teams.

All channels

Companies can record voice calls, Teams calls and meetings with one certified solution. All channels are unified within Teams.


It’s easy to find a call or recording, and it’s all securely stored on the Azure cloud.


This solution enables companies to meet vital compliance regulations including Dodd-Frank, MiFID II, FCA, PCI DSS, GDPR, HIPAA and CMS. ClarifyGo uses Secure AES 256 encryption for legal evidence, and GDPR reporting is included.

Voice transcription and analytics

Recorded calls can also be transcribed to text, and advanced analytics used to provide insights and measure quality.

The customers win most of all

By empowering their omnichannel contact centers with professional and compliant call-recording, the ultimate beneficiary is the customer.

Both ClarifyGo and are designed to unburden businesses from the maintenance and management of complex contact center operations, meaning that far less IT support is needed. This saving enables businesses to focus more of their resources on serving the customer better. And, providing superior service is made more achievable by the insights provided by the advanced reporting capabilities of’s CCaaS solution.

Furthermore, customers can trust these companies to handle their data securely, with full regulatory compliance, using the most capable professional communications toolkit available.

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“For the first time, businesses can benefit from a compliant and Microsoft Certified call recording solution that’s also fully integrated into a powerful, Microsoft Certified contact center solution for Teams. Companies benefit from the full range of features, and customers benefit from superior contact center experiences.”
Chloe Emm