Customer Case
Customer Case

Customer case: TMC

In the beginning of 2023, high tech consultancy TMC moved to Teams powered communications, using’s contact center solution in combination with telephony from INTO and technical network services from oneCentral. This project was realized in record time, meeting all the requirements of their complex business operations.

Empowering their Teams

The company has grown rapidly since its inception in 2000, due in large part to their extensive focus on encouraging self-development and employee involvement. This culture leads to a happy workforce with an entrepreneurial attitude. It empowers small teams to take action and provides them with the tools and skills needed. 

A perfect example is their own education platform, TMC YOUniversity which enhances the skills of their staff, and provides coaching support during their self-development. In addition, they run an employeneurship program, which helps to encourage an entrepreneurial mindset. TMC also offers employees a share of company profits, in addition to their regular salary, to give them a stake in the company's success. TMC leverages outsourcing as much as possible to ensure that their staff are well-aligned to the business itself.

Ivo Muller, IT Director, TMC said: “Technology must make processes more efficient. Many colleagues operate effectively as freelancers, but within the framework of TMC. The mindset is a little bit rebellious, with the special combination of belonging to a club – but still with an entrepreneurial spirit – and that appeals to a lot of people.” 

Scalable technology

TMC has a cloud-first strategy and this means they run all their applications in the cloud to ensure maximum scalability. For the past 5 years, TMC’s IT Director, Ivo Muller has been responsible for the IT and telecommunications strategy at the company. The IT department consists of a dedicated team who focus on system maintenance, functional application maintenance and the communications services used by the company. Their latest move to a Teams-based communications system is a perfect example of scalable technology in action. gives their contact center the ultimate flexibility to scale-up operations as needed and add new resources and technologies in the future.

The necessities and the ‘nice-to-haves’

Towards the end of 2022, TMC ran into a critical issue with their existing telephony provider, which would mean that their current service provision would end. The path was clear: they had to make an immediate switch to a new supplier. Even more challenging: they had to find a solution before the hard deadline of December 31st.

The clock was ticking, and time was short. The solution had to offer all the functionality they currently used, with room to grow along with the company. It also needed to happen fast, with minimal disruption. It also had to keep their existing telephone numbers intact, and it needed to support flexible hybrid working. A ‘nice-to-have’ was the ability to seamlessly integrate Microsoft Teams with the company’s diverse telephony systems, using a single solution.

TMC looked for a solution with simplicity as an integral feature. By building a communications strategy based on Microsoft Teams, TMC was confident it could integrate their telephony and contact center into their existing business infrastructure. This would enable future developments and support international growth and make it easy to maintain in the future.

After considering their options, TMC chose a unique Teams-based communication solution provided by a partnership of suppliers - each leveraging their own strengths. The telephony part was provided by INTO, supported by the network and hosting services of oneCentral, and the contact center solution from Together, they made an unbeatable team, and delivered the exact solution they needed.

The right solution – delivered fast

The overall solution was designed by system architect Michael Brugge, from oneCentral. All calls to TMC would be routed to their Microsoft Teams, combined with the contact center operations with

“We implemented the contact center solution from our partner With this solution, TMC benefits from sales integration with applications such as Salesforce, easy management of incoming and outgoing communications, a clear view on call queues and routing of calls to available agents”. Michael Brugge, oneCentral

Despite some initial hesitance about the ambitious timeline for this project, TMC had their solution up and running in record time – and, importantly, before their hard deadline. In total, the entire project was completed in just a few months, and they’ve found it to be a great match with the needs of their growing business. According to IT Director Ivo Muller: “Back-office staff are doing their work more efficiently, and with better quality.”

TMC’s solution is a perfect example of how’s global partners provide added value, by ensuring a custom solution is fully set up and perfectly configured from the start. The company is very satisfied with how quickly the solution became operational, and how can easily integrate their contact center with all their business resources and CRMs.

TMC’s staff love using their new communications solution, and they’re already looking at new features they can start implementing as well. With all the information they need at their fingertips, they’re now empowered to serve their customers better than ever.

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“Because the organization is developing fast, we want to be scalable and set up flexible processes and workflows. This allows us to respond to changes within the organization and capture the rapid growth potential. The number of employees at TMC has doubled within the last 4 years, and because we still need to expand into new countries, a cloud-first strategy is essential.”
Ivo Muller
IT Director