Powerful Microsoft Solutions

The powerful solutions that Microsoft Partners can provide add real value for businesses. Resellers save a lot of time and money for businesses, and offer the expertise needed to navigate a fast-evolving landscape. Yet, Microsoft Partner resellers are under increasing pressure to prove their worth. This is a competitive market, where added value can be the defining factor in winning and keeping clients.

Getting more value from Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a core part of the 365 ecosystem. and it’s becoming the hub for most communications, resource sharing, and integrated processes. Collaboration has become a prominent feature for many companies today, and Teams serves this need admirably. According to Microsoft, the average worker spends 80% of their time collaborating with colleagues. As a result, Teams has become an essential part of everyday business. Microsoft Teams is incredibly versatile, yet most businesses are only aware of a handful of practical applications.

Teams Rooms, for example, is becoming more widely used for videoconferencing and hybrid working. Likewise, many businesses are deciding to choose to upgrade their expensive or outdated telephony systems to Teams Calling or Teams Phone. Teams Calling is certainly a strong selling point for Teams; it can easily integrate with existing telephony systems, as well as supporting calling via the Teams Calling plan. Additionally, companies can easily migrate to Teams while still using their existing telecom provider (operator-connect) or using their own session border controller (SBC), in the case of direct-routing. This flexibility is great for the end-user, who benefits from a modern telephony system that’s fully integrated into Teams, and all the processes and resources within it. However, as a reseller, it’s hard to make a margin on this. After all, how does your service differ from a competitor who’s offering the same capability? Teams has a lot more to offer, and this can translate into new opportunities for businesses and resellers alike. Perhaps one of the most significant is using Teams as the basis for a secure and compliant omnichannel contact center.

How a Teams Contact Center is much more than meets the eye

One way Partner resellers can create added value for their customers is by offering the possibility of a unique and fully customized Teams Contact Center.

Fully integrated

A Teams Contact Center benefits the business by placing all customer contact within the Teams client. This makes it possible to connect each interaction with all the right resources, and to feed data back into business. This drives greater efficiency and helps integrate customer contact with business processes.

Unique and customizable

ROGER365.io is the expert in Teams Contact Centers and has built a powerful and customizable contact solution that can meet the needs of any organization. Resellers can now offer their clients a truly tailored solution, that’s easy to use directly from the Teams client. It’s Microsoft Certified, and fully compliant. The ROGER365.io Teams Contact Center has been designed for the maximum capacity for customization, with any integration possible – CRM, ERP, you name it, and endless possibilities for custom automations and streamlined workflows.


It’s easy to use ROGER365.io, because it’s all within the familiar Teams client. With the assistance of a Partner reseller, businesses can create the perfect system for their operating model. While business users themselves can easily build automations within ROGER365.io, resellers can catalyze this behavior by getting the business started. A pre-built portfolio of simple, custom-made automations can become the inspiration and basis for future productivity gains.

Secure, compliant

The real benefit of a ROGER365.io Teams Contact Center, however, comes from the fact that everything is kept within Teams’ secure and stable framework, and connected to key business processes and resources. Businesses get a compliant and integrated contact center, while being able to leverage the most crucial technologies like AI and compliant recording.

Primary features of the ROGER365.io Teams Contact Center

  • Omnichannel Contact support (incl. Social Channels, WhatsApp, SMS, Chatbot, Webchat, etc.,)
  • Data-driven customer experience hub, unifies and leverages data sources
  • Customizable with automations, workflows, technology integrations, etc.,
  • In-depth, real-time analytics that help optimize processes and performance
  • Dedicated Agent app, Supervisor app, and Attendant Console app
  • Compliant, secure, and all within the familiar Teams client Microsoft Certified
  • Puts an end to shadow messaging, with unified omnichannel customer contact
  • Integrated flow editor Built-in AI integration (Azure)
  • Fits perfectly into the Microsoft 365 family, works with ecosystem

This is, admittedly, a paradigm shift compared to the traditional third-party Contact Center or Call Center provider setup, but it’s also the best way forward for the business. The result is a compliant and future-proof contact solution, with all the best technology in one place. More than a Contact Center, it’s a platform that integrates business processes into every customer contact.

How resellers benefit from offering a Teams Contact Center

Businesses get some clear benefits from using the ROGER365.io Teams Contact Center, but what about Partner resellers? How can they benefit from using ROGER365.io to uplift Teams’ native capabilities, turning it into a powerful contact center?

Custom-built solutions that meet business needs

One thing to consider is the unique nature of every business. Because ROGER365.io can be fully customized to each need, resellers can offer considerable value by becoming the architects of the perfect solution. By integrating with no-code or low-code platforms, it’s easier to ensure all customer use cases are covered, while empowering resellers to provide a wider array of value-added services.

Integration services

As business needs change, resellers can support this with an ever-evolving contact center that can continue to adopt new technologies easily. Many CRMs (and other integrations) are natively supported by ROGER365.io – but, in case a client wants to switch or use a different provider, the reseller can conveniently facilitate this too.

Combining customer contact with Microsoft 365

Many businesses already on the cusp of migrating to Microsoft 365 will start to reconsider their current call center or contact center solution. It can trigger them to contemplate upgrading their current system with a more capable alternative. This is a great opportunity to help companies modernize their contact provision. ROGER365.io solves the question of how to manage customer contact within Microsoft 365 and unifies contact within a single compliant ecosystem. As Teams can work with direct-routing or operator connect, an existing telephony infrastructure or call center can easily be upgraded with omnichannel support and state-of-the-art tooling.

Great support

Partner resellers can add real value (and margin) with a ROGER365.io Teams Contact Center. ROGER365.io is very easy to download and set up, and it has the full support of experts. The ROGER365.io team can help resellers to identify the best technologies and opportunities and works with a wide range of partners. This can extend value further, with the help of an established ecosystem of integrations and specialists, where needed. Training and support are also available to help resellers offer the most value for their customers.


Both Teams and ROGER365.io are highly extensible, making the Contact Center truly future proof. New services and capabilities can be added and maintained, and resellers can provide consultancy services that educate business users, to get the most out of this system. Combined, these increase the average order value, with healthy margins on products that businesses will keep using for many years. At every stage, resellers can guide businesses and offer design, integration, configuration, training, and support. This has immense value for companies that want to use the most cutting-edge technology, but just don’t know how to get there.

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