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Oak Innovation and are excited to announce a new partnership between the UK-based company, Oak Innovation, and Netherlands-based, to bring a Microsoft certified omnichannel and compliant contact center solution to Teams users in March. The integration of ClarifyGo call recording with the contact center offers customers the world’s first voice integrated native CcaaS for Teams.

Microsoft Teams has enjoyed huge growth since the pandemic, progressing from a useful internal collaboration tool to becoming integral to communications for many organizations, even replacing legacy telephony. now pushes Teams further into the contact center space by integrating it with business CRMs and social communication channels including WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, SMS, Webchat and BOTs.

Oak Innovation provides the crucial call recording element through ClarifyGo, a Microsoft certified platform that captures, processes and stores all types of Teams calls, including audio, video and screen-sharing. ClarifyGo supports regulatory compliance standards where Teams native recording falls short, including FCA, PCI DSS, MiFID II, GDPR, Dodd-Frank, and HIPAA. ClarifyGo also delivers performance improvement via assessment tools and AI driven speech analysis. is ideal for customers looking for an easy to deploy, scalable CcaaS solution. Both and ClarifyGo are maintained and managed by their creators to remove the need for extensive IT support inhouse. 

Gerben Hoogwerff Kroon, CEO & Founder, said,

“We are very excited about this integration with ClarifyGo because we can now offer our customers the truly unique opportunity to use two really great products from our native Teams app.”

William Emm, CEO at Oak Innovation, said,

“We’re delighted to be partnering with to deliver a much-needed Teams upgrade to the market. ClarifyGo will ensure that organizations meet the necessary compliance regulations as well as supporting service improvement for great results.”

About Oak Innovation

Oak Innovation believes technology should help people work smarter and communicate better. Their products and services make it easier for organizations to manage communication, meet compliance and deliver a better customer experience. We bring 35 + years of experience to the Unified Communications space, with fully compliant cloud-based call recording for Microsoft Teams. Our offices are in Poole, UK and Whistler, Canada.

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