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Shifting Expectations

In just a few short years, businesses have needed to develop new capabilities for supporting more digitalization and hybrid working. As a result, Microsoft Teams has become a trusted hub for integrating all digital business processes and resources within a secure and compliant framework. In this whitepaper, we outline the different kinds of benefits businesses can gain by using a Microsoft certified CCaaS solution to extend the native capabilities of Teams. As you’ll see, these solutions empower Teams to become a secure and compliant contact center.

Key Take Aways

By leveraging an extend-model CCaaS Teams solution, businesses have more possibilities for intelligent automations, powerful integrations, and fully customized workflows, and other processes that can precisely meet their business needs - today and tomorrow. Important topics and learnings in this white paper include:

Omnichannel capabilities
True omnichannel contact means your Teams contact center handles each communication channel equally – with equal access to business resources, data flows, automations, and tools.

Goodbye ‘shadow messaging’
Learn how bringing channels like WhatsApp into the secure and transparent framework of your Teams contact center keeps colleagues, customers, and stakeholders in touch without risking compliance or shadow messaging.

Extend-model benefits
See how the versatile architecture of the extend-model allows businesses to create a made-to-fit contact center that matches their exact needs, with all the tooling, resources, and integrations it wants.

No risk. Up and running in minutes
Learn how companies can try out extend-model CCaaS solutions with minimal risk and no vendor lock-in. As a stable Microsoft-certified extension to the Teams client, your contact center can be up and running in less than an hour. Businesses can try this powerful solution without commitment or disruption.

Fabien van 't Woudt
Business Development Manager

About the author

Fabien has many years of experience working with cutting edge technologies and applying them in new ways to serve customers better. An enthusiast for applying innovation within the Microsoft Teams ecosystem, Fabien has deep expertise in making customer contact processes better, more efficient, and more effective.

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About is a Microsoft-certified Teams Contact Center solution. It’s a Teams-native app that allows organizations to handle omnichannel contact with customers using their Teams client. All communications, including web chats, WhatsApp, voice calls, SMS (and more), are held within the secure and compliant Teams framework. You can serve customers to the highest standard with, by customizing the customer contact experience. Organizations of every kind can gain new levels of efficiency by creating workflows, automations, and seamless integrations with all your business resources and enterprise software, such as CRMs or ERPs.