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Get in touch →’s new Hybrid Queue is the world’s first Teams-native hybrid queue for omnichannel contact centers.
The new Hybrid Queue feature enables contact center agents to provide the highest standard of support for omnichannel customers, putting all communications channels on the same level. upgrades Microsoft Teams into a professional Contact Center: connecting omnichannel communications, enterprise resources and business processes with Teams with a single, integrated, native app.

What are Hybrid Queues?

Hybrid queues handle each channel (voice, social messaging, live chat, etc.) in the same way, with each incoming conversation held in the same ‘hybrid’ queue. Multiple channels are rolled into one single view and connected to your full toolkit. Just as with incoming voice calls, your agents benefit from a single interface - with all the tools, automations, and other actions fully embedded in Microsoft Teams.

Meeting shifting customer expectations

Increasingly, contact centers must handle queries via social channels and messaging apps like WhatsApp, as well as live chats, voice calls, and more. This trend has given rise to the ‘omnichannel contact center’, and a new challenge of managing all these channels in a seamless and efficient way.

By using hybrid queues, this challenge for contact centers is easily handled.

Voice and messaging are all wrapped up in the same Teams-native queue interface. This enables your agents to deal with customer queries, rapidly and in real-time, no matter how they want to get in touch.

No more fragmented customer experiences

To rapidly meet new customer demands, businesses frequently use makeshift methods such as a dedicated ‘WhatsApp phone’ or WhatsApp web to deal with this channel. As a result, these interactions become siloed and less secure. The same goes for live chats, which require a separate team, or a dedicated app.

This fragmented approach makes it hard to pay equal attention to all customers. It’s also harder to use the same streamlined processes or automations as for voice calls.

Every channel made equal

Hybrid queues mean better service for customers, and every channel gains the same efficiencies from more streamlined processes and intelligent automations.

Businesses get to use compliant, more connected, better-integrated processes for all channels, while abandoning time consuming ‘ad-hoc’ ways of handling omnichannel customer queries. Meanwhile, customers get a unified experience from whichever mode of communication is most convenient for them. When a customer sends a WhatsApp message, your agent sees the same CRM data appear on their screen as if they had made a voice call. This means your customers can get better help, faster. Now, no matter how customers choose to get in touch, they can expect a consistent experience with the same level of service.

By using this new hybrid queue concept, agents get a smoother experience that’s fully integrated with Teams. All communication channels are connected to the tools and automations you use to solve queries efficiently and effectively.

Available from September 1st, is the first and only Teams native contact center that offers this capability. Current enterprise customers will gain access to this new update, without any extra charge.

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