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Gain control with a Teams Contact Center

As we’ll explore in this blog, the advantages of a Teams Contact Center go far beyond the lower cost-base and a consolidated, compliant working environment. By extending the native capabilities of Teams with, contact center managers become empowered to optimize their operations and exercise superior control over the entire customer experience. This way, you can gain the ability to serve customers more efficiently and provide the services they demand.

First line work scenario

What is a Teams Contact Center?

A Teams Contact Center uses Microsoft Teams as the foundational layer for a full-function Contact Center or Call Center. Customers still get in touch the same way, but your contact center agents use Teams as their user interface, with the added capabilities provided by Microsoft-certified partner software. On the technical side, there are a few different ways to gain the required functionality - but most solutions use either the ‘Extend model’ or the ‘Connect model’.

All the capabilities you need, in one place

On the surface, these models may not look much different to each other, but the way the Extend Model works, or get in touch the Extend Model works means that businesses have greater advantages in the long term. This is the model uses.Most people know Teams as a first-class platform for modern business. It’s secure, compliant, and highly stable – and it can be fully integrated with your whole organization. Of course, Teams itself doesn’t possess all the capabilities needed to operate a professional Contact Center. So, extends Teams’ native functionality to handle all the requirements of modern customer contact - including omnichannel support - with a single interface. As a result, your customer service agents can handle all incoming contact via the Teams client. Everything is available directly from within Teams, including CRMs and other enterprise resources, ticketing systems, and any other resource or process your agents might need at their fingertips.

How puts you in the driver’s seat

With Teams’ capabilities extended by, it can become a fully integrated customer experience hub. All the data and tooling you need to run a top-level contact center is in a single, unified environment. This gives you an unparalleled opportunity to gain better visibility and control over the customer experience, while keeping it all in a secure and compliant framework. Controlling the customer experience can be thought of like piloting a jet engine; it relies on precise actions, guided by accurate measurements. From the very beginning, the way you set up your contact center will directly define the steps customers must take to get the results they want. This means you can make a big difference just by having the flexibility to adapt your contact center. Experiences can then be improved, so long as you can monitor, measure, and evolve.

Building better customer experiences

With you have a lot of flexibility to define (and refine) exactly how your customers get the answers they need.

Omnichannel customer support

To start with, you can offer full omnichannel Contact Center support. This allows customers to get in touch with whichever channel (WhatsApp, SMS, webchat, AI chat, voice, etc.,) works best for them. Whichever channel customers choose, your agents can offer seamless support across all channels from a unified interface. All queries are handled to the same high standard, and all the tools your agents need are available directly from the Teams client.

Integrated knowledge of the customer

It’s also easier to give a personal touch thanks to embedded CRM integrations. This way, agents always have full knowledge of their journey and previous contact (from all channels) in one place - as soon as they pick up. All on one screen, with no need to flip between apps or interfaces. With more easily data added from every interaction, you can drive continuous improvement through superior and more complete knowledge of the customer. Over time, you build a rich data resource that can be mined and used by advanced algorithms to analyze and optimize your business.

Total flexibility to customize and integrate with your business

As well as integrating your CRM, you can also use to assemble all your other preferred tools and resources around your customer experience hub. This means your contact center can gain the productivity of Microsoft AI tooling like Copilot or the additional compliance oversight from Purview. Alternatively, you can build your own preferred combination, selecting the most cost-effective or appropriate solution for your needs.

Automations for convenience

You can ‘lubricate’ the contact center experience by fully customizing menus and options, and by building powerful automations and self-service options. Combined, these minimize the time-to-resolution, and define the shortest path to a happy outcome. Using AI to handle first-line enquiries has never been easier, thanks to the built-in integration for Microsoft AI.


Superior monitoring leads to better performance

Almost all Contact Center providers offer some form of monitoring and reporting, but with you gain a higher level of control.

While Teams has limited in-built reporting capabilities or real-time visibility, provides extensive and highly customizable reporting. With this overview, you gain actionable insights based on customized reporting and predefined KPIs. These analytics can uncover the most crucial trends, and give access to the granular details. To give contact center managers a real-time overview of operations, offers a Supervisor App. This gives managers a lot of options for fine-tuning performance from each team member, with clear metrics and total vision over current activity. Combined, these tools enable your contact center to become data-driven in a meaningful way; using metrics and benchmarks you define, instead of generic reporting. and Microsoft Teams: the ideal combination

We’ve entered a new age in customer experience. Expectations are higher than ever, while contact centers strive to become more cost effective and enabled by the most modern tooling and automations. Meanwhile, customers expect seamless omnichannel support, and faster resolutions when they get in touch. can help you meet these requirements, and more. It unlocks the full potential of Teams as a powerful contact center, extending its native capabilities and connecting Contact Center operations to your entire business. It gives your organization the versatility and adaptability needed for whatever the future brings. With this setup, you’re not limited to a prescriptive subscription package. You’re in charge; with the full ability to adapt and grow.

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What is has developed a Microsoft-certified omnichannel contact center solution for Teams. It brings all communication channels, resources, and processes into a single view, and enables businesses to consolidate their workflows into a single, powerful interface.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make my call center more efficient?

Making a call center or contact center more efficient is a constant task that requires regular monitoring and in-depth data and insights. Reporting and monitoring of real-time performance is an important part of this, but the overall setup is also key. Ensuring you can serve the bulk of queries almost instantly, or without requiring the involvement of your customer service agents (chatbots, AI, self-help, etc.,) will reduce waiting times and increase productivity.

Does Microsoft Teams have a contact center?

Microsoft Teams doesn’t have a complete contact center functionality on its own, but it can become the foundation for a powerful contact center when enabled with Using the extend-model this software solution adds all the functionality you need, and gives the ability to integrate numerous third-party enterprise apps and tools.

What is a Teams Contact Center?

A Teams Contact Center is a contact center that uses the solid foundation of Microsoft Teams as the basis for customer contact using a variety of channels, including voice. The native capabilities of Teams are extended by certified partner software, enabling customer service agents to assist people with queries using a single interface embedded in Teams.

How do you manage a call center (or contact center) effectively?

Managing a call center or contact center in the most effective and efficient way is a challenge, but perfectly possible if you pay proper attention to 5 key areas: people, training and engagement, workload management, data-driven optimization, and high-quality service provision. Choosing the right technology has become a key factor in achieving success in all of these 5 areas, but especially for increasing service levels and quality by using automated and self-service options.

Making your Customer Service more efficient with AI: 5 Savings

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