“Welzijn Scheveningen” is a welfare foundation located in The Hague, the Netherlands. With over 525 volunteers and 45 employees, the foundation enables more than 60.000 inhabitants to interact and connect with each other. Their efforts help those in need while also improving the quality of life in the city. 

Especially now with the COVID-19 pandemic, it is more important than ever that the foundation and their services are easily accessible. With this goal in mind, Welzijn Scheveningen turned to their ROGER365.io solution partner, Ask Roger!

More important than ever

Because of COVID-19, Welzijn Scheveningen were forced to close all of their offices, making them less accessible than they needed to be. They immediately began searching for a solution that was simple, free for the user, and based on existing technologies that everyone has access to. WhatsApp was one of the options; a free and simple means of communication that was already widely adopted. But how do you manage WhatsApp professionally when you work in a team with people in different locations? A “rotating phone” system is not a valid option when multiple people need to have access to the chats simultaneously or when different teams must follow up on the same case, especially now during times of a global pandemic.

After some searching on the Internet, Welzijn Scheveningen found Ask Roger!, one of the ROGER365.io solution partners in the Netherlands. They were already using Microsoft Teams for internal communication and collaboration, so their key requirements were to integrate with WhatsApp and webchat while minimizing deployment and configuration time so they could “go live” as quickly as possible.

New and inspiring

Emilie Ceulemans, coordinator of social work at Welzijn Scheveningen says: ‘’The real interesting thing for us is the flexibility of the product. There are so many more interesting things possible with the ROGER365.io platform that are really inspiring. We see a lot of potential for the future when it comes to communication.’’

The project started in May 2020 and a couple of weeks later the ROGER365.io platform was live; webchat and WhatsApp integration could be used to chat with their clients. Welzijn Scheveningen is more reachable now than ever before for the inhabitants of The Hague, all without losing the benefits of Microsoft Teams!

Fast, easy and accessible

Now that ROGER365.io is live, the residents of The Hague can easily find and contact the foundation via webchat and WhatsApp. Questions are asked and directly answered in response to chat sessions, phone calls, or (COVID-19 safe) face-to-face meetings can be arranged. Welzijn Scheveningen can once again provide the services their clients need while making The Hague a better place, even during the COVID-19 crisis!

''We see that it pays off, with WhatsApp especially. We still need to get used to the webchat, because people want their answer the same minute. They close the chat after a couple of seconds and then the agent can’t answer anymore. We are looking for a solution for that. Still learning!’’ 

Emilie Ceulemans
Coordinator Social Work