It’s time to look for another way to communicate with potential clients. The combination of social messaging like WhatsApp, SMS, and Facebook Messenger in combination with calling, has proven to be much more effective. The key to success for any staffing and recruitment business is in using smart and integrated IT solutions that can lighten the job and give the company the tools to improve the “time to fill”, thus maximizing their value to their customers.

Digital transformation

Recruitment companies have their hands full with the changing market. Making sure they fulfill the need was already challenging. The recruitment business has always, almost by definition, been an omni-channel business, meaning that contacting potential candidates is done via their mobile phone, WhatsApp, SMS (text-based messaging), or other devices used privately by the candidates.

To make it more challenging, recruitment businesses are in the middle of the digitalization transformation. Microsoft Teams has been adopted worldwide and is used to enable the recruitment staff to work any time from any location. At the core of the staffing and recruitment business, there are Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) like Bullhorn, Zoho Recruit, CEIPAL, and other (proprietary) solutions to log and track the information of potential candidates.

Not having all of these different systems integrated negatively affects the efficiency of your recruiters. By adding these systems together, recruiters can spend the time they earn back to lower the time to fill vacancies.

Happy candidates, happy recruiter

A recruiter’s day to day task is contacting the right candidates. The applicants are reachable via phone, but it has been proven to be more efficient and faster when used in combination with social messaging tools such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. Staying in contact via these channels can save time for both the applicant and the recruiter. Messages can be sent and replies can happen whenever the recruiter/candidate wants, while calling can only happen when both parties are immediately available.

Adding these channels to your communication strategy might scare you because of the thought that they only add more loose applications to your business processes. But with, it’s possible to integrate all of these communication channels into one familiar system you already use for internal communication: Microsoft Teams! allows you to make Microsoft Teams the central communication hub for your entire business. benefits

With this integration you no longer need to switch between different point solutions because you only have one go-to system for both internal and external communication. An additional benefit is the ATS integration. Whenever an applicant contacts you, the recruiter has direct and immediate access to the applicant’s information. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits:

Improve customer engagement
Customer and candidate data from the ATS/CRM system is immediately available to your recruiters from within Microsoft Teams to give them the tools to work “customer centric” and significantly increase their efficiency.

Business process optimization
Integrate directly into your business processes with Microsoft Power Platform to automate repetitive tasks, optimize by using AI, and make data driven decisions. By integrating the staffing software directly with, the company is also able to inform several candidates at the same time when there is a job opportunity requiring multiple applicants.

Limit operational and compliance risk
Individual point solutions are no longer needed, thus limiting the risk of shadow IT. Seamless integration with Microsoft 365 ensures that you maintain compliance at all levels. The ”compliancy by design” architecture provides data separation, protection, and encryption.

All communication is streamlined and integrated via the same centralized system. Now you can build reports based on all of the available data, giving your recruitment and staffing business the opportunity to track and trace all communications and optimize as necessary.

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