Special COVID-19 offering

The worldwide COVID-19 pandemic not only influences your personal life but also has a direct impact on your business. Microsoft Teams helps many organizations by enabling their employees to work from home and to maintain “business as usual”.

Due to this global event, organizations are dealing with many “first-line” or COVID-19 related questions that represent a significant burden on customer service and sales representative staff.

By introducing a webchat on your website, in combination with the ROGER365.io FAQ bot, up to 80% of these "first line" questions can be handled without human intervention.

Having bots do the “work” for you not only gives your workforce some space to focus on the more difficult cases but also allows you to respond to your customers immediately, even outside your normal office hours.

To consolidate all processes as soon as possible, you can also connect your WhatsApp for Business to the ROGER365.io platform.

Together with Microsoft the ROGER365.io team would like to help companies in these unpredictable times by offering the following:

ROGER365.io 30-day FREE subscription, followed by a month-to-month subscription that you can cancel at any time. Click here for our offerings.

Additional 5000 conversations for FREE.

Free onboarding service. Together with one of our experts, we will help you to setup your webchat and first FAQ bot.

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