The ideal partner

As System Integrators, AGRANTIC focusses on Microsoft products. ‘‘We enable our customers to digitize, consume everything in the cloud. We see ourselves as cloud first, we hold your hand and take you into the cloud.’’ Says Deslin Pillay, Head of Opportunity Management and Marketing at ARGANTIC. Microsoft has such a big product portfolio, from what ARGANTIC is focusing on the voice part. With a strong development team that focusses on migrations into Office365 and Azure ARGANTIC is the ideal partner for, to offer our solution to their customers and take it into account.

The solution for moving communication 

Deslin continues: ‘’We noticed that WhatsApp is getting more and more prevalent in the market. Not only customers, but also business are making the transfer to online communication. It’s definitely on the rise. Adding to our portfolio is really going to differentiate us from our competitors.’’ After some mailings about the launch of a new product, campaigns on Google and messages in Linkedin, there are already some customers that showed their interest in The first quotations are issued, so ARGANTIC is busy with ‘’We see a lot of interest with our customers, but using WhatsApp (for example) is very new to them. It still has to land that there are so many possibilities when it comes to communication. And as WhatsApp is only just a piece of the platform, it’s a lot to take in. 

Development and support

Onboarding a new product to add to your portfolio is always tricky. You get a lot of offers as a company and it’s up to you to make the right decision. But ARGANTIC is glad to say out loud, that they’ve made a good decision to become a partner of  ‘’One thing that I can assure you of is the support you receive from the team. We chat, talk, discuss and prep, but it’s always easy to get in contact with anyone when you need help. And whenever we don’t have the capability to pick up a prospect, Fabien is always there to pick it up for us. I could definitely recommend as a partner!’’