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Centralize your communication centralizes all communication touchpoints regardless of how the contact was initiated: webchat, WhatsApp, or any of the supported social channels. This minizes the risk of that information technology systems deployed by departments other than the central IT department, to work around the shortcomings of the central information systems (so called “shadow IT”).

One single truth

Having all of your customer and business data accessible through a single, unified interface is an not only an essential part of world-class customer service it helps your business to keep track on what is happening with your customer data.

Only see what you need uses role-based access restrictions to ensure that sensitive data is available only to the appropriate personnel while they are fulfilling a specific role. This protects the privacy while maintaining legal compliance for your organization.


Compliance by design is based on the Microsoft Azure serverless architecture principles making it scalable, secure and future proof/ flexible by design. only uses Microsoft industry standard technology and uses Microsoft API’s for seamless integrations. Each customer has their own database. The data in the database is “encrypted at rest”. does not store the communication data. All communications is transferred from touchpoint to Microsoft Teams and back.

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