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Engaging with your customers 

Customer engagement is an interaction between an external consumer/customer (either B2C or B2B) and your company through various communication channels. Your customer decides how they reach out to you. It can be via the “traditional” communication means like phone or email but more often they choose a more modern channel like WhatsApp, Webchat, Twitter, and Facebook. To really engage with your customer, it’s important to fulfill all their needs. In other words; be accessible via all of these communication channels.

First line work scenario

The needs of todays’ customer

Todays customer is demanding. They want outstanding customer service and they want it now. They expect fast communication, don’t like to have to repeat their question over and over again and being transferred to other agents feels very time consuming for them. They expect the agents to know the status of their order and their personal information, because that is the information they just left on your website. And you can’t blame them. You’re in possession of all this information, you just have to make sure you use it the right way… 

How to serve todays’ customer

To be able to provide the best service for your customer, you need to be able to handle all these channels within one central communication hub. With you can just do that! It centralizes all communication channels into Microsoft Teams and can seamlessly integrate with your CRM or ticketing system. Making Microsoft Teams the only thing you need in your organization. This will also improve service excellence, because of fast customer care and the right information at the right time.  

Wallboard  for your organization

The seamless integration avoids the need to install and maintain additional software. Users keep on using the familiar Microsoft Teams client. Integration with Microsoft 365 user & security management dramatically reduces administration, and your users can get up to speed quickly. Next to that, this integration supports fast adoption of Microsoft Teams and is very simple to manage. 

360-degree customer view also communicates with your CRM system to access customer data, such as purchase history, and make that information immediately available within Microsoft Teams. This not only gives you the tools to work “customer centric”, it increases the efficiency of your personnel significantly. And above all, you’ll have happy customers that are served quickly!

More possibilities

Extend and customize with the Microsoft Power Platform Integration or other No-code/ low-code and available platform API’s. Your organization can integrate all your business workflows and processes. Simplifying the IT landscape and making sure no information is lost.

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