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Consolidate communication for your first line workers

First line workers
In today’s world, first line workers are more important than ever before. The quality of their work reflects directly on how your organization is perceived by your customers and partners. Providing your customer-facing agents with the tools that they need to succeed is always a top priority.

Communication Consolidation supports these first line workers by seamlessly integrating Microsoft Teams with external messaging systems or “touchpoints” to centralize and homogenize all of your communications. Whether it’s a web-based chatbot, mobile text message, WhatsApp, or through social media such as Twitter and Facebook, all interactions are qualified, logged, and managed through the familiar Microsoft Teams interface. Your customers and partners will perceive your organization as “hyper-connected”, and the speed and efficiency of your agent responses will help to establish and maintain a strong working relationship.

All your communication within Microsoft Teams conversations are handled centrally within Microsoft Teams, taking availability and process status into account. Seamless Microsoft Teams integration avoids the need to install and maintain additional software while providing the opportunity for increased collaboration, including voice and video conferencing. Integration with Microsoft Office 365 user & security management dramatically reduces administration, and your users can get up to speed quickly because all communications are handled within the familiar Microsoft Teams client.

Deploy the FAQ chatbot to give your customers the opportunity to reach out to your organization in a fast, simple, and efficient way. compares user questions with your Frequently Asked Questions database and responds immediately with appropriate and meaningful information. In that way, reduces unnecessary conversations and allows your agents to focus on more valuable work. When the tone of the responses changes negatively or in a way that is not beneficial, "escalates" and immediately connects the user to one of your agents via Microsoft Teams. The agent then has immediate access to the logged chatbot interaction that triggered the escalation and a complete customer history for reference.