There are so many different integrations possible with View the videos below to see how these integrations work and what they look like in Microsoft Teams. 

Tutorial videos

We can imagine it's a lot to take in when you get started with To guide you through the implementation of our platform, we created some tutorials that you can now watch on Youtube. With examples of how to connect a Teams Channel to and adding the ROGER app to Microsoft Teams, you will be good to go after a few minutes. Watch the technical tutorials at the turorial playlist on Youtube via the link below or start with the Step 1 video on the right.

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Demo videos of the integrations

A platform that handles all of your communication and gives you all available information at the right time, all in one system. We can imagine you want to see that, because seeing is believing. That's why we made you some videos to demonstrate how our integrations work. Go to our the playlist with demo videos at our Youtube channel by clicking on the button below or watch the video about the WhatsApp integration with Microsoft Teams on the left.  

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