There are so many different integrations possible with View the videos below to see how these integrations work and what they look like in Microsoft Teams. 

WhatsApp integration

The WhatsApp integration with Microsoft Teams ensures centralization of your communication channels. Handle your conversation within the familiar Microsoft Teams interface and safe time. 

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Webchat integration

By adding the webchat integration with Microsoft Teams to your communication strategy, all conversation are handled centrally. Add the smart chatbot and avoid answering simple questions. 

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Dynamics integration

The Dynamics integration with Microsoft Teams ensures your agents of having all the available customer information by their side when they need it the most; whenever the customer contacts them. 

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TOPdesk integration

Get a pop-up whenever a customer calls you and open the available customer information during the conversation with the TOPdesk integration with Microsoft Teams. 

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Chatbot integration

80% of the frequently asked questions can be answered without human intervention. Add a chatbot to your communication channels and upgrade your customer service with Power Automate.