Ensure that your organization maintains compliance at all levels

Time = money

Financial services agents spend most of their time on repetitive, manual tasks. Efficient and secure communications enhance both individual and group productivity while improving the overall customer experience. Banking, asset management, trading, and insurance verticals all face the same problems and have the same goals. Streamlining and optimizing communications channels while maintaining security and compliance is paramount.

Optimizing Communications
Collaboration and productivity for financial services breaks down silos to enable secure collaboration across front, mid, and back offices. Multiple communication channels that include secure, persistent chat messaging, voice/video calls, and collaborative meetings, help to ensure that your team is working effectively and at maximum efficiency. Priority messaging for escalations, role-based message tagging/routing, read receipts, and media annotations are just some of the productivity tools available.

Limit operational and compliance risk enterprise security ensures that your organization maintains compliance at all levels.

  • Private channels for sensitive content
  • Role-based access to data ensures need-to-know security
  • Tagged messaging for GDPR compliance
  • Federated messaging to extend communications to authorized external parties

Personal Touch
The level of trust that you build with your customers defines your organization and elevates you above the competition. recognizes and verifies your customers regardless of the touchpoint they use to reach out to you, then ensures that your agent has access to the relevant account data and a detailed log of their previous communications. This allows you to provide a focused and more personal level of support that your customers will appreciate and helps build a long-term trust relationship that benefits everyone.

Customer Insights
The detailed reporting functions available with allow your organization to identify both positive and negative trends and respond proactively to upsell opportunities or mitigate potential problems. Insights gleaned from chatbot interactions and website queries can help you identify areas where you need to strengthen your message or promote your services. Keyword searches can be used to steer marketing campaigns or direct your sales team to specific customers.